Introducing OnePass - The encrypted safe password manager!

Introducing OnePass - The encrypted safe password manager!


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Worried about memorizing many passwords? And instead using the same password for all your accounts? We have got the solution, introducing OnePass, the encrypted safe password manager!

How does it work?

OnePass uses NextAuth.js to authenticate users like you. As soon as you add a password, it will be encrypted by a secret key, and once you try to view the password, it's decrypted.

For making sure who owns the email/password object, we link it to a user account on OnePass.

What is my tech-stack?

For this project, I used:

  • Next.js - Building the website
  • TypeScript - Used with Next.js to give functionality to the website
  • TailwindCSS - Used to give styling
  • Prisma - To interact with the database (PlanetScale)
  • tRPC - For making the TypeScript API
  • NextAuth - For authenticating users

How PlanetScale was helpful

PlanetScale provided me a free database where I can store 2 important things with the help of Prisma, which are the user object (credentials used to sign in to OnePass) and the external credentials object (where a username/email and password is saved for an external website like Google), where it's the first time using Prisma, I learned a lot about MySQL ๐Ÿ’–.

Thanks for reading!

Special thanks to PlanetScale and Hashnode for organizing this awesome Hackathon!