What is Gatsby?

What is Gatsby?

Want a way to host a website easily as a developer? Use Gatsby!


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Today, we will cover:

  • What is Gatsby?
  • What does Gatsby do?
  • What can I do with Gatsby?
  • Why Gatsby?
  • Gatsby VS Netlify

1 - What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a fast and flexible framework that makes building websites with any CMS, API, or database fun again. Which pretty much does the same thing as Netlify, which is "Hosting a website". Nevertheless, remember that it is free! But there are paid plans, too.

Let's divide this section into three:

  • Framework

  • Cloud

  • Concierge

1.1 - What is Gatsby? - (Framework)

Regarding framework, Gatsby is a full-stack frontend framework that comes with everything you need out of the box.

1.2 - What is Gatsby? - (Cloud)

The relationship between Gatsby and the cloud, it is a unified cloud platform for building, previewing, and deploying your Gatsby projects.

1.3 - What is Gatsby? - (Concierge)

Gatsby point of view is also to focus on concierge, their expert services that are tailored to help your team get the most out of your Gatsby deployment.

2 - What does Gatsby do?

As we said, Gatsby is a hosting platform. But the point which makes Gatsby more better, is that it makes all the hardest parts of building the web, a little much more easier. Nevertheless, they cover a lot of things. Performance. SEO. Security. Integrations. Accessibility. Gatsby got it covered for you.

3 - What can I do with Gatsby?

Gatsby is an open-source static website generator (SSG) that is based on the frontend development framework React and makes use of Webpack and GraphQL technology. It can be used to build static sites that are progressive web apps, follow the latest web standards, and optimized for speed and security.

Nevertheless, it can also can be used to build static sites that are Progressive Web Apps, follow the latest web standards, and are optimized to be highly performant. It makes use of the latest and popular technologies including ReactJS, Webpack, GraphQL, modern ES6+ JavaScript and CSS.

4 - Why Gatsby?

Gatsby as we said is an hosting platform for websites. As the competition is high, each hosting platform try's to make points which differs each hosting platform than the other.

So why to use Gatsby and not something else?

  • 60% Faster Page Load Speed

  • 10x Faster Build Times

  • 100% Faster Content Creation

  • They cover >> Performance, SEO, Security, Integrations, and Accessibility for you

  • Performance that's off the charts

  • Security out of the box

  • Scalability you can count on

  • Accessibility for everyone

  • Fast to Build, Run, and Deliver

5 - Gatsby VS Netlify

Comparison between Gatsby VS Netlify:

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Continuous deploymentโœ…โœ…
Automated builds from Gitโœ…โœ…
Instant rollbacks to any versionโœ…โŒ
Site previews for every pushโœ…โœ…
Compatible with all Static Site Generatorsโœ…โŒ
NotificationsSlack, email, GitHub, outgoing webhookSlack, GitHub, outgoing webhook
Team Managementโœ…N/A
Custom Domainsโœ…โœ…
Automatic HTTPSโœ…โœ…
Rewrites & Redirectsโœ…โœ…
Password ProtectionPaid Plan OnlyPaid Plan Only
Free Tier
Build minutes300 minutes/monthN/A
Concurrent builds11
Bandwidth100 GB/month100 GB/month
Team Members11
Build Time Per Deployment30 minutes60 minutes
Build Memory Limit (in MiB)2048 MiB1024 MiB

Sorry, but I tried listing most things I could.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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