Why didn't I introduce myself?

Why didn't I introduce myself?

Here is me introducing myself


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Hi 'n hello!

How are you?

How do you do? How 'd you do? And how 'd you do again? I am pleased to introduce myself to you today --


I'm Omar Mostafa, also know as as Amoraa. I'm a programmer and designer, also as you can also note a blogger on Hashnode. I started programming from small age, around 10 years old officially 🀣.

Fun area #1

Just to know, I was interested in tech from long ago, around I was 6

Why I started programming?

You know, everyone has free-time 🀣, if not, tell me a person you know who doesn't have free-time in the comments below, just beat me if you can't find one, because you can't actually 🀣🀣. Back again to our idea, I dived into programming to find something to do in my free-time. To be honest, I didn't discover programming alone, but I was interested and sticked with technology and computers, who introduced me and told me about programming was my -father And also, I know, jobs in the future will be replaced by robots, and to make robots we need programmers, so I became a programmer πŸ˜…, too 🀣.

Fun area #2

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linus Torvalds

Why I started blogging?

Before, I was chatting with friends on Discord, they are most programmers like me, most of them were with me joined in my friend's company called Jiusoft, one of them was Jothin kumar, who is currently the CEO of Jiusoft and I am the Co-Founder of Jiusoft. One day, he messaged me in a happy mood and dancing, sending me a screenshot of an email coming from Ayush, community manager at Tealfeed, Tealfeed is blogging platform like Hashnode. Saying that He emailed him to get his blog promoted on Tealfeed, as he read on of his amazing blogs on Hashnode. Also, he got an opportunity to join a team of programmers for open-source! So without saying any-word, I said I should register on Hashnode 𝚝̢𝚘̢𝚍̢𝚊̢𝚒̢, πšŠΜΆπšΜΆπšΜΆπšŽΜΆπš›ΜΆ ̢𝚏̢𝚎̢𝚠̢ ΜΆπš‘ΜΆπš˜ΜΆπšžΜΆπš›ΜΆπšœΜΆ, now! Went to Hashnode.com, sign up, and write my first blog, and after my first 3-5 blogs, which was after about 2-3 weeks, I got the same email from Ayush to promote my blogs on Tealfeed! So blogging is amazing to become one of your hobbies and even gets you opportunities, even it might get your dream job!

The end πŸ₯³

Sorry for making this blog pretty short, but I hope it was a brief introduction about myself!

And a shoutout, hey Miki Szeles, any comments?