Netlify February Hackathon | Powered by : Hashnode

Netlify February Hackathon | Powered by : Hashnode

Hashnode Netlify February Hackathon 2022 projects, I hope you LIKE IT!


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I am sure you had heard about this Hackathon or you got an email about it, right?

Today I am going to show you my submissions

I made 3 apps

  1. To-Do List
  2. Note taking
  3. MEGA APP - Whiteboard & Calling App
  4. Additional App - Business Idea

Note: All apps are hosted on Netlify. And I noticed recently that my ( custom domain for using with Netlify when I open like it does not work. I checked the system, DNS is configured but it's not working. So we will use Netlify Subdomain till I fix the issue for now.

So without further ado, let's get into it!

1. To-Do list

This application helps you in productivity to manage your daily tasks and don't get confused about your tasks. This app is easy to use, with a nice fancy UI and pictures drawn of nature. Which change depending on the day.

You can check the application here! To Do List



2. Note taking app

This application helps you in study or programming too in some cases. Which if you are confused in something and want to gather your ideas to check for example which is the best and suits, so you got the right app. The note taking app ,you can check it by pressing the link!



3. MEGA APP - Whiteboard & Calling app

This app is 2 in 1, a calling and whiteboard, whiteboard which you can share with people and interact at live time, and calling which you can interact and talk with other people at live time. For FREE! Check the app --> Whiteboard & Calling app





4. Business Idea

Do you look for starting a new a new business, but you don't have any idea what are you going to do ? You got the right application! It is called Business Idea ! This application asks you a couple of questions, then you are going to answer these questions, each question allows you 40 seconds to answer the question, when you're done, you are able to check your answers to get the final result and even download it as a markdown. (.md) like .

You can use the application >> Click Here

So we reached the end, I hope you liked the app and see you next time.!