What is a CPU or Processor?

Dec 26, 2021ยท

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'What is a CPU or Processor?'

A CPU also called Central-Processing-Unit or Processor is the most important part in any device such as a laptop or smart phone. A CPU can be called as the device brain.

Let us say I have my laptop device, I need it to calculate 10*6, it needs a CPU, if it doesn't have, it cannot calculate or process to get the result, so it is something like the core or brain that allows the device to process things or tasks.

What we will cover today:

  • What is a CPU or Processor ?
  • Who makes the CPU or Processor ?
  • What is the difference between other processors ?
  • Where do we use a processor or CPU ?

What is a CPU or Processor ?

A CPU (Central-Processing-Unit) or Processor is a physical part in a device, so it is hardware, not software. The processor is the device which processes tasks that the device needs to handle, like if you gave your device you are reading this blog from it right now this equation to solve and give the answer like 100 + 127, it needs processing, so a CPU or Processor is needed in this case, also, if you were given to solve that equation, your brain is the processor here ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Who makes the CPU or Processor ?

As everyone knows, there are a lot of companies which makes Processors, such as Intel and AMD, they have a bunch of processors such as Intel I3, I5, I7, and I9, and on the other hand for AMD, AMD Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and finally, Ryzen 9.

What is the difference between other processors ?

Let us say we have Intel I5 and AMD Ryzen 5, the differences you might find between processors such as speed and efficiency. And more...

Where do we use a processor or CPU ?

Processors can be find in smart devices and electric devices such as Mobile, Tablet, Smart Watch, Smart TV, Laptop, and Computer and such more, most devices have a processor.

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